Getting started is easy

Getting started
is easy

1. Open an account

Open a new account by registering your restaurant and specifying which suppliers you use today. It takes less than 10 minutes!

2. Parsly contacts your suppliers

We notify your suppliers to direct future invoices to us for review. To ensure a smooth transition, we send copies of the invoices to the same place you received them before so there’ll be no disruption to your current invoice management process. Carry on with your attestation, accounting, and payment processes as normal.

3. Log in

When the month ends, log in to find all of your purchase data collected and organized in one place. You’ll gain valuable insights into price deviations, variations, purchase volumes, and much more – right down to the individual product level!

4. Save time, money and maximize profit

All time-consuming, administrative work is now done automatically! And time is money that you can reinvest in your restaurant for more satisfied guests, higher turnover, and increased profits.

With Parsly, you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive overview – Every single purchased product is stored and displayed in an easy-to-understand overview. With just one click, you can access a wealth of practical information!
  • Control – Take control with the help of transparent and actionable information to make data-driven decisions that increase your profits!
  • Bargaining power – Strengthen your bargaining power against suppliers and negotiate better prices!
  • Price security – Keeping track of price increases has never been easier!  Never pay more than your negotiated price with Parsly’s price monitoring feature.

More time, money, and energy for you and your restaurant!


  • Collects and analyzes your invoices
  • Categorizes each purchase at product level
  • Monitors price variations, purchase volumes, and bid prices
  • Flags immediately if the invoiced price is wrong
  • Archives invoices so you can easily find the info you’re looking for


How can all this be free? Do I have to learn another tool and integrate it into my current system? What happens with my classified information?

Find quick answers to your questions here!

Why Parsly?

Running a restaurant is hard work. Margins are tight and there’s never quite enough time. That’s why we developed Parsly – a tool we would’ve loved to have back in the day.

Find out the story behind Parsly!