Parsly increases your restaurant’s profitability

Parsly presents your food and beverage purchases at single item level.

Parsly also monitors your offer products and immediately lets you know if prices deviate.

Totally free. Super simple. That’s a promise.

What our customers say:

Finally, I get time to focus on my guests
Now I know I’m paying the right price for my produce
Parsly gives me just the information I need

Sounds familiar?

You check each invoice to make sure that your offer prices are kept.

You spend an unreasonable amount of time administering purchases.

On top of this, you are wondering if you’re really paying the right price.

Sounds like you need Parsly!
Supports all suppliers
of food, beverages
and consumables
No integration
with business systems or
accounting firms needed

Get started in less than 10 minutes

We will inform your suppliers: from now on, the invoices will be sent to the restaurant’s new e-mail address in Parsly.

Parsly receives the invoices and starts analysing the purchases. On your end, your invoice management processes remain the same as before.

Done! Log on to Parsly, submit your offer product prices for monitoring, and instantly start saving money.

Parsly creates value for everyone – regardless of size

Whether a hot dog stand or a restaurant empire, when you are onboarded, your stats are presented at article level for you as a user.

With Parsly, you can easily keep track of price fluctuations, purchase volumes, the offer prices, and much more.

Totally free. Super simple. That’s a promise!

Saves time

You no longer have to spend time comparing dozens of suppliers. We monitor and analyse them for you.

Saves money

You no longer have to review heaps of invoices. With Parsly, you can quickly see if your offer prices are kept.

Monitors prices

Parsly automatically monitors the most important items which you spend the most money on.

Follow up

Thanks to Parsly, you also get information about how the restaurant’s purchase flows are made up and work.

This is Parsly

Let’s go through this one more time.
Parsly is a free tool for analysing the restaurant’s purchases.

The service reads and registers all the restaurant’s invoices, stores the information and presents it as statistics for the service’s users.

If you run a restaurant, you can quickly and easily draw conclusions and make changes where you need to. Pretty awesome, right!

Frequently asked questions

How can this be free? What’s the catch? And do I really save time? Here you will find the answers to these and more questions.

Our story

We know it’s hard work to run a restaurant.
That’s why we built Parsly – a service we would have loved to use back in the days.