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Parsly – The solution for every restaurant

  • Get detailed overviews of what you buy, at what
    price, and how much
  • Increase profits with data-driven decisions
  • Strengthen your negotiating position against
  • Get more time, money, and energy for you and your restaurant

Totally free!

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  1. Open an account and select your suppliers

  2. Parsly gathers and analyzes your invoices

  3. Your digital overview is ready at the end of the month

  4. Log in and view all your purchases with ease in one place

  5. Discover tons of practical insights adapted for your specific restaurant

  6. Start making smarter, data-driven purchase decisions straight away!

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More time

Stop wasting time on manual invoice processes – Parsly automates this for you!

More control

Get a firm grasp of everything you buy and price variations – right down to the individual product level!

More money

Catch price increases and never pay over your bid price with Parsly’s price monitoring function!

More insight

Get regular data-driven insights that drive profitability!

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and future-proof your restaurant today!


How can all this be free? Does the tool require any training or technical integration? What happens with my classified information?

Find quick answers to your questions here!

Why Parsly?

We know from first-hand experience that running a restaurant is tough. Margins are tight and there is never quite enough time. That’s why we developed Parsly – a missing tool we would have loved back in the day.