How it works

1. Register your restaurant(s)

You simply open a new account and register one or multiple restaurants in under 10 minutes. In this step, Parsly is granted permission to collect your invoices for review.

2. Parsly collects your invoices for review

To ensure a smooth transition, instant copies are sent to the same place that you receive invoices today. This way, there’ll be no delays or disruptions to your current invoice flow!

3. Get a complete overview and control over your food & drink costs

As soon as our review process is in play you can log in to your account and find everything there is to know about your purchases in one convenient place!

4. Start spending smarter and earning more, instantly!

Automating manual processes saves time. Uncovering hidden insights saves a lot of money. Reinvest savings in your restaurant  – for more satisfied guests & higher profits!


How can all this be free?

Do I have to learn another tool and integrate it into my current system?

What happens with my classified information?

Find quick answers to your questions here!

Why Parsly?

We know from first-hand experience that running a restaurant is hard work. Margins are tight and there’s never quite enough time. That’s why we built Parsly – the missing ingredient we would have loved back in the day.

Find out the story behind Parsly!