Frequently asked questions about Parsly

Q: It sounds exciting, but we can’t cope with yet another digital tool that must be integrated, maintained and taught to our staff.

A: We hear you!

Our entire reason to exist goes back to our thinking that restaurant staff should be able to focus on the core business rather than on administration. Using Parsly does not require complicated integrations or training of any staff. Sounds too good to be true? Contact us, and we will tell you more about how to get started in a heartbeat!

Q: I’m already in total control over my purchases and have negotiated low prices. So, what do I need Parsly for?

A: Wonderful!

You have already realised the importance of negotiating prices and keeping a close eye on your purchases – fantastic!

Even if we fail in giving you any insights, you can use us to automatically monitor your offer prices. You will get notified the same second an invoice is received – where the price deviates from the price you have negotiated for a particular item.

This way, you’ll save a lot of time by not having to check your invoices manually. Did we mention it’s free?

Q: How can the service be free? How do you make money?

A: Good question!

At Parsly, we are convinced that with increased digitalisation, we create hidden values ​​for all parties. If we succeed in creating value ​​that doesn’t exist today, we can take a small piece of the value we generate for both buyers and sellers in good conscience.

What does that even mean? Well, the primary service – getting your purchases indexed and analysed at the article level – is free. Over time, we will launch add-on services, some of which will be subject to a fee. Of course, these additional services will be optional to use. They will also require that you as a customer expressly accept the terms of the services in question.

Q: Our purchase prices are among our most crucial competitive advantages and business-critical information that must not be shared with others.

A: We totally agree!

Therefore, in our general terms and conditions, we undertake to never show your purchase prices to anyone other than yourself in logged-in mode. We may share information in anonymised group data but never individual price data which could be linked to you.

We take this so seriously that we, even internally at Parsly, have various system barriers for Parsly’s employees to access price data to minimise access to sensitive information.

Whether a hot dog stand or a restaurant empire, you’ll find Parsly valuable

Our story

We know it’s hard work to run a restaurant.
That’s why we built Parsly – a service we would have loved to use back in the days.