Do staff need to be trained?

NO! Our service is developed with you top of mind.

That’s why Parsly’s flexible and user-friendly tool requires no training at all! 

Don’t worry about any technical hassle either – no integration with existing systems is needed. 

Get started today, in under ten minutes.

We’ll take care of the rest!

Is our sensitive information safe?

YES! Data security is extremely important at Parsly.
According to our terms & conditions, we may never share your information. We can anonymize and aggregate data to create valuable insights, but nothing can ever be linked back to you. Internal system barriers ensure that no one other than those you share your login with can access your information or find out your purchase prices – not even our employees.
Still unsure?

How can the service be free? How do you make money?

Good question!

Parsly’s basic service – getting purchases indexed and analyzed at product level – is and will remain free of charge for our users.

Parsly’s mission is to create new value for everyone involved through increased digitization. The more we develop, the better additional services we can offer. Some of these will be available for a fee.
It’s entirely your choice to add these services and you must expressly accept new terms before adding them to your account.
So no hidden costs, we promise!

I already have an overview of my purchases, what do I use Parsly for?

You’ve already realized the importance of keeping track of your purchases! But you might still find our popular price monitoring feature quite useful. 
The second we receive an invoice, you’ll be alerted if a price doesn’t match the price you negotiated with your suppliers.
You save a lot of time and energy by not having to check your invoices manually.
Try it and you’ll see!

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