What our users say

“At first, I couldn’t believe it was free. Then, when I started using the service, I was completely blown away – it was instant love!”

Rocky Mardini, Co-founder and owner of Cravings Kitchen

Thanks to our cooperation with the industry’s most experienced and profitable, we have managed to automate the purchasing process and develop a tool that, according to a budding restauranteur like Rocky, both facilitates and improves his restaurant business.

“It’s so easy to understand. It’s not 20 clicks until you find what you’re after, it’s one click or two – and you’re there!”

Tobias Wikberg, Food & Beverage Manager, Hotel Rival

We are proud to be able to help Tobias take control of Rival’s purchasing costs. We are pleased to hear that the service helps him react in good time to price increases and facilitates his procurement work with suppliers.

“Cut costs on things that are boring and spend savings on what’s best for the restaurant!”

Ettore Forastiero, Purchasing and Product Manager at Meno Male

Ettore explains how he uses Parsly to keep track of purchases at Meno Male’s five restaurants. He emphasizes the importance of having a good oven, genuine products, skilled bakers, but also a cost-effective operation.

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