Meno Male, Stockholm

“Cut costs on things that are boring and spend savings on what’s best for the restaurant!”
Meno Male’s procurement and product manager, Ettore, explains how he uses Parsly to keep track of food costs across their five restaurants in Stockholm. He emphasizes the importance of having a good oven, authentic ingredients, skilled bakers, but also a cost-effective operation.

Meno Male opened six years ago and serves Italian delicacies and authentic Neapolitan pizza. They use exclusively premium Italian ingredients such as “tipo 00” flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and Fior di Latte mozzarella. The wood-fired oven and pizzaiolos (pizza makers) come directly from Naples and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. All of this is extremely important to create an authentic Italian taste experience and atmosphere, says Ettore – who, from a waiter, became the restaurant’s purchasing and product manager almost four years ago.

Ettore has been using Parsly for over a year now and is very satisfied with the service. The tool helps him keep track of what products the restaurants are buying, which is necessary to ensure that the ingredients are authentic and of the best quality! But he can also easily find out how much, at what price, and from which supplier the five different restaurants are buying – giving him insight into their inventory management and cost efficiency.

“It’s extremely important to control food costs, especially when you have multiple restaurants,” says Ettore, noting that Parsly is very good because it provides a unified source of data.

“It’s much easier to get better deals if I can show the volume we purchase for five restaurants instead of just one,” comments Ettore, emphasizing that Parsly has strengthened his negotiating position with suppliers.

He also likes how easy it is to capture price fluctuations. He feels confident in being able to react in good time before costs get out of control. An example of this is nitrile gloves, where Parsly showed that the price of the black type went up by over 40%, while the blue type became cheaper. Ettore switched to the cheaper option and saved a lot of money.

“Cut the cost on things that are boring and allocate more money towards the best for the restaurant!” says Ettore cheerfully.

We are delighted to simplify and improve the purchasing flows for Ettore and Meno Male. We wish them all the best and hope to visit them soon again. We are completely obsessed with their delicious, fluffy pizzas!

Did you know that a pizza is ready in 90 seconds in their wood-fired oven and because it’s cooked so quickly, the taste and integrity of the fresh ingredients are preserved – culinary magic and so incredibly delicious!

Thank you, Ettore!

It’s much easier to get better deals if I can show the purchase volume for five restaurants instead of just one!
I am very satisfied with the Parsly, it makes my work easier!
Parsly helps me capture price increases, so I can react before the cost gets out of control!

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